Public Relations Management

روابط عمومی

MST Park Public relation and International (Intl) affair management is a center to facilitate the communication between its company’s entrepreneurs and technicians. Moreover, this management is responsible to enhance culture of innovation and creativity in the related environments especially Tarbiat Modares University. Based on this mission, the main tasks are mentioned below.


Preparing Strategies mental and informational infrastructure to performing MST Park policies.

Introduce MST Park plan in two public and private levels.

Help to publicize development dialogue in nations.




Communication and informing

Receiving news and related information to prepare report, news and news policies.

Planning and execution informing press of parks activities via media or publication.

Preparing statements, addresses, notifications, advertisement and messages related to MST Park.

Reflect parks programs and activities in public.

Monitor media and public conventions who are connected to MST Park directly or indirectly. To inform, reflect and get proper feedback if it’s needed.

Effective participation in planning or execution of advertising, informing, publish of conferences, meeting and exhibitions.

Advertisement and Culture-Building

Facilitate the process to communicate between people, entrepreneurs and technician.

Introduce abilities and activities of other sections by applying and proper advertisement.

Plan and execution of cultural informative and advertising national conferences and meeting


Publication and documents

Outsource, unification the policies and supervising the publication, advertisement and communication matters.

Publish of organization performance and affiliated units under current rules.

Documentations and archives of MST Park activities in audio, vision written or digital formats.

Gathering, sort and preserve important documents in any format.

Opinion Poll and public Relation

Facilitate the public relation’s process and interaction of people with MSTpark team.

Conduct opinion poll in context of performance of MSTpark

Creating proper feedback for peoples

Extracting public Opinion from clients and transfer them to MSTpark boards for proper decision.

Follow up of governmental commitment and feedback to applicant

برنامه ریزی

Research and planning

Setting communication and advertising policies.

Planning and holding the meeting with governmental agents and holding question and answering sessions.

Analyzing and preparing reports for publications at websites and media.

Following up and supervising public relation’s outsourced contract.

Pursuing suggestions and criticisms.

Communicate with another organizations and governmental office

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