Technology Transfer Office (TTO)


The TTO is established for the goal of protecting and supporting the technological and intellectual property in the Park and bringing about the potential of its transfer from the units and in-groups to wider distribution. Accordingly, the researchers, institutions and the society take the advantage of technology engagement. TTO is responsible for the commercialization of the intellectual property of technology units and Incubation centers, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, technical knowledge, etc.

This office aimed to communicate more closely with different industries, therefore, academics can play a key role in improvement of the industries’ productivity. Generally, the TTOs are established to make a connection between the university and the industry. As well, it aims to monitor, facilitate and regulate the relationship between the scientific and administrative networks throughout the country and beyond. The TTO, through equipping the industrial-scientific relationships, strives to enhance the level of development and use of new technologies and the design of technology transfer strategies from university to industry, resulting in the development of small economic companies.

Services of TTO

  • Providing commercialization consultation
  • Facilitating communication of technology units with industry and society;
  • Connecting technology and technology clusters of Iran and the countries around the world;
  • Establishing communication between industry and technology to provide cost-effective solutions;
  • Institutionalizing the concept of technology transfer in the Park.
  • Preparing the financial supports through the preparation a link between the units and financiers;
  • Organizing the start-up events.
  • Providing education and consulting services in order to commercialize the products, market-analysis and promoting;
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