چشم انداز


The development of knowledge-based businesses through the commercialization of university research achievements in order to create a national entrepreneurship hub at a global scale


1- Supporting entrepreneurial opportunities in Iran by incubating the startup companies through funding, training and connecting to the regional and international technological innovation ecosystem

2- Encouraging private companies to develop innovative products through the provision of material and moral services to smooth the cooperation with educational and research centers.

3- Creating an innovative ambience by attracting and supporting entrepreneurs through focusing on the development of scientific-technological products and services, and the commercialization of scientific research.

چشم انداز


1- Commercialization of university research achievements by branding and supporting value added products and services

2- Collect entrepreneurs in a diverse, dynamic, creative and innovative ambiance with respect to international standards;

3- Achieving a transparent and flexible mechanism for technology development;

4- Enhancing the competition and furtherance of university-generating KBC;

5- Construct an effective and efficient communication among the university, industry and society;

6- Upgrading applied research in the industry;

7- Ingest technical knowledge and domestic and foreign investment in technology development field

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